To achieve something in life we have to go through the process of success and to be honest it’s hard for us to believe that to become successful we find ways to achieve that. But success is being forfeited with us & to know how to go through it the biggest way is to know about the power of our subconscious mind. If you understand the power of it you are not far away from success in life. Our Subconscious mind has the power & game to take us far from where we belong now toward the life goals we want to achieve in our life.

The human mind is divided into three stages known as conscious subconscious and unconscious mind. The conscious mind is focused on the present situation which is happening surrounding us. It focuses on short term goals & memories.

Our subconscious mind functions and stores useful information. It ensures that you react & respond usefully according to the way it had programmed inside you. It makes everything we say and do. It creates awareness and motivates us to react accordingly & positively towards our goals. The unconscious mind includes feelings, reactions, memories, and our thought processes. It’s the thing which happened within us suddenly or through the impact of the situation. It contains things which are unpleasant surprises such as feeling pains anxiety interests & motivations.

How Subconscious Mind Impacts our Health:

Our thought Process, Ideas and desire, in life is monitored and overheard by the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is to maintain and believes what the conscious mind acquires at the moment.

How to use the power of our Subconscious mind?

1. Think positive & Be Happy: sometimes being positive is hard but you can, with practice patience and determination. It is believed there are ways to be happy like by doing things that make you smile and later bring happiness to you also a positive smile helps our body to live happier and healthier

2. Sleep Well: A lack of sleep keeps pressurizing our body towards low energy & self-confidence. Good quality sleep helps our overall body to stay fit and fresh.

3. Meditate: Meditation is known to be the key to success. Yes it indeed does a whole lot more and our subconscious mind loves the practice of meditation

4. Exercise: It improves health and blood circulation in our body which is key in maintaining optimal health & it directly signals a motivation and success to our subconscious mind

5. Think big: to achieve something big you have to give a signal to your subconscious mind. It will increase your strong intentions and will challenge you to do something great in life.